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We bought 2 VPS from Server Mania. With one of the them we have big problems. After about 4 weeks running the VPS stopped working. There are many files disappeared from the VPS. We asked Server Mania for a Backup, but the have no backups from the VPS. We could only reinstall the VPS. 4 Weeks later the same problem. We got no support from Server Mania. The told us, Server Mania is not responsible for any problems with a VPS. We installed again and 4 weeks later the same problem. Then we contacted the support from OpenVZ. The told us, there is a bug in the OpenVZ  system with the templates we use. We send this information to  Server Mania. Server Mania told us, they are not able to update the templates. We told Server Mania it is useless to install the VPS again until the bug is in the template. It looks the Server Mania support has no idea about OpenVZ templates. Now we can only change the provider because Server Mania is useless.
Server Mania have very cheap VPS server but the have no support, no backup and no knowledge about their system.


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