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Halal International Certification Organization

Halal Certification services   

Halal International Certification Organization (HICO) is a halal service provider in India that is working towards offering a concrete answer to the global halal market in terms of halal verification, halal quality and certification. It provides halal certification services to wide range of food products, meat, poultry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. It also has an important contribution towards the development of halal industry.


Dominican Republic Photos

Dominican Republic Photos   

Holiday in the Dominican Republic. Sounds Good? The charm and the spirit of the island is captures in the music, in the dishes, and in the easy way of life. The island is simply recommend for everyone who like it. The Dominican Republic was discovered in the yeat 1492, by Christopher Columbus during his first voyage to the New World. The country is a tropical, maritime nation. Wet season is from May to November, with periodic hurricanes between June and November. Most rain falls in the northern and eastern regions. The average rainfall is 1346 mm, with extremes of 2500 mm in the northeast and 500 mm in the west.